Further helium balloon experiments

Tissue paper

Tissue paper attached to the whole surface of the balloon didn’t work, the ballon sank straight away. Small sections of tissue paper did work, however if I am to include this in my final piece I want the balloon to preferably be completely disguised. Although, I did find that attaching tissue paper to just the side of the balloon, acting as a weight still maintained the balloon to float.


I tried painting a thin layer of acrylic paint directly onto the surface of the ballon. small sections on one side were fine and it still floated, though when painting onto large sections it sank.

Another option would be to get a ballon printed with the design that I wanted on it, but this would work out quite expensive. At the moment I am struggling to find a way to be able to cover the balloon and still make it float so this may be a further experiment for next year.

Other alternative methods I am going to start experimenting with is suspending some of the soft sculptures with fishing wire instead as a way to have the sculptures presented at different levels.

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