By Hand: The use of Craft in Contemporary Art // By Shu Hung & Joseph Magliaro

In this book, it is discussed that things like hand sewing and other traditional crafts are now being seen more commonly in contemporary art. It is also noted that these crafts are associated with being historically feminine. This makes the piece more intimate and focused if a person is taking the time to create it with their hands, a one off piece that shows personality. Almost like an artists mark- similar to a certain type of brush stroke or signature. The technique is engaging as a process. It has most probably been passed down through the generations, being taught by a mother or grandmother so holds an element of nostalgia and sentiment, echoing personal experience. The handmade could be seen as a rejection of of technology.


Aoyama is a textile and embroidery artist mentioned in this book. Her work explores the idea of ‘speed’ in art works and in society. She questions the relationship of high and low technology. An element of intimacy is important in her work as she is presenting examples of the everyday, often including figures of her friends and family, thus why she chooses to embroider. Aoyama wants the work and the places she is depicting to be both personal yet anonymous.



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