Helium? Making Sculptures Float

I have been experimenting with a helium balloon that I could make into a sculpture,  however have found that it doesn’t take much weight before sinking to the ground. I am wanting to cover it some way to make it appear like a plant or floating island. So far any fabrics are far too heavy but some of my light heat textile experiments with plastics seem to work. Tissue paper may also be light enough to maintain the balloon to float.

The downfall of helium though is that it is a non renewable gas. We are running out of this element as it is produced through nuclear decay of uranium and then mined. Surprisingly I learnt this information through my part time job at Mc Donald’s. They used to use helium balloons but as they are trying to do their bit for the environment, (my store anyway, I can’t speak for the whole company), so have switched to using oxygen. They have also switched from using plastic balloon sticks to cardboard ones, changed plastic straws to paper straws, and recycle all cups and plastics.  img_0509

The image below just a reference photo that I thought perhaps could be experiments for making the ballon string the stem of a plant.


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