The Post Human and Anthropocene

The post human is a concept that has developed through history, branching out and rebelling from the core beliefs of humanism. It questions what we define as being a human. A specific brand that I am interested in in relation to my practice is the Anthropocene. This is an epoch commenting on the impact humans have had on our environment and what we have done to our eco-systems. By thinking that as humans we are the prime species, we have essentially destroyed our planet and are now realising we are in crisis.  Hopefully the painting that I am working on for final exhibition will raise discussions of this topic.


A contemporary artist that explores this in more depth is Pierre Huyghe. ‘Human Mask’ is a short film made in 2014. It shows what appears to be at first glance, a young girl, though after closer inspection you can see that it is actually a monkey dressed in Childs clothing, wearing a human-like mask. It raises questions of human supremacy and what we define as being human. The film shows us that the monkey is expressing what we would consider human traits and behaviours, so why are animals considered less than us to some people?


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