The Forest of Dean, Cinderford, 09.04.19

I am interested in how humans have intervened in the landscape and left their mark on both the rural and urban. When speaking about what nature is, and how I think about it, I have to acknowledge that my idea of nature is a very idealised one due to my home town.

Another concept that I am interested in is “greenwashing” in urban areas. Greenwashing is a term used to describe when a company makes themselves appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are. For example covering building sites in a green or natural looking landscape wrap, making bins green in colour, or just claiming that products are good for the environment when they are not. It’ strange to think that we do turn a blind eye to things when it isn’t directly affecting us, and tactics such as green washing makes this even easier.

Below are some more photographs that I have taken whilst being home for easter to aid in inspiration for paintings and sculptures.


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