Heat textiles

Melting of various different plastics from old packaging…

Painting onto these textures…

Materials then used to print onto fabric…

img_0844.jpgThis has made me think back to my research on Zoe laughin, and the relationship between material and process. Taking a material and then changing it depending what process you use can create a never ending list of possible outcomes. Though it is important to remember what the raw material is. Within my work I wanted to find a way to create fantasy qualities with the materials I am using, but still be mindful of what they are, where they are coming from, and where they will end up. The silky effect, synthetic fibre fabrics that I was using to paint on at the beginning of the year, worked well in terms of the aesthetic I wanted to create, though when unpacking what that artwork was and what it was made of, it seemed mindless to continue to source new synthetic fabrics once I had figured out that my practice had a strong connection to the environment, and that was the avenue I wanted to continue down.

Instead, I am currently using a range of materials in combination with the process of ‘heat textiles’. Materials like old carrier bags and packaging, items that would otherwise end up in landfill, I am reusing and turning into my own medium. These work well in creating strange or futuristic textures with the bubbling and warping of material, as well as the metallic colour to most packaging. when painted onto, I think they could also look like a type of animal skin or plant leaf from another world.

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