Discussions from Studio 21/03/19.

  • Unrecognisable as a painting
  • Process of making is important
  • Building up foreground with textures
  • anthropomorphising objects and sculptures- Claes Oldenburg
  • authoring the way the work is held up
  • combining two worlds- doesn’t make sense they are together- bumble bee pins with fantasy painting
  • how would scultures hold up? on their own? brings them to life more
  • layering of different styles- reference to dexter Dalwood
  • Difference between foreground and background
  • making/dying own fabrics and textiles
  • integrating paint with fabric
  • research into soft sculptures- Athena Papadolous
  • stitching- how soft toys are made
  • creating natural forms out of unusual materials
  • changing scale of plants in painting to alter perception
  • Having a presence- Angela De La Cruz


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