Acid Lakes

Acid lakes are formed by gases such as SO2, SOand HCl bubbling up from deep within the Earth, dissolving in the water and forming sulfurous, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.

I’ve been looking for some more source material to inspire my paintings. Although I enjoy working completely from imagination, I want my pieces to have a bit more depth. I have been painting from imagination, trying to create something that isn’t ‘real’ however most of what I’m drawing from are from memories so therefore the idea has began from something that I’ve seen or learnt about. This had led me to collect some imagery of unusual sightings in nature or things we don’t commonly know of, things that look as if they could be straight out of a sci fi novel.

The Dallol Volcano Acid Lakes, Ethiopia. 


Dallol’s acid lakes: A hot and smelly alien landscape on Earth

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