Today we had a group crit, and I discussed my my most recent piece for exhibition, “A Landscape of the Idea and the Idea of a Landscape”. These were the thoughts that came from my studio group.

  • The separate pieces work as three but also as one
  • the paint left on the walls joins them together
  • emits ideas of dreams and fragments as piece is broken up
  • title- an idea in the mind of what a landscape is
  • the middle is the focal point in the work
  • edge of the canvas isn’t a boundary, picture continues in imagination
  • doesn’t have a fixed boundary
  • looks intended- the way the fabric is cut/ where the paint is placed
  • Has a loose narrative and poetic gesture
  • reminds people of fairy tales and dreams due to the soft landscape
  • title is ambiguous- twists like piece
  • not defined
  • fabric hints at bed sheets
  • background is blurry
  • bee pins that hold the painting up- playful, cartoon, don’t belong in the painting or in that world, flying away with it
  • suspension of belief- taken away with the idea, could it be believed?
  • so compelling you believe it
  • set design- deceptive
  • The floor has been painted over grey and cleaned but walls haven’t- makes you step back and defines the boundaries of where the art work ends
  • the marks on the wall- accidental but not accidental that they are left
  • relation to other works in the room
  • writing title straight onto the wall- spontaneous and gestural- blends in with marks on the wall- becomes part of the art work itself
  • something physical could be coming out of the painting
  • layering of the fabric plays with perception
  • stitching becomes pictorial- e.g. the light on the tree trunk
  • breaking down of image so left with flat block colour

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