Sandra Sterle- Artist Talk

  • Is close to the generation of the 1960s Neo-avantgardists who rejected the creation of art objects and instead moved that practice into contemporary creative methods.
  • MA in sculpture
  • are interested in the process than in the end result
  • constant development and transformation of the art
  • “open cycle”- endless running around in circles around a tree video/performance project
  • series of photographs following the daily life of a peasant girl
  • shrinking from a big country to a small country – shrinking identity
  • video format changed
  • image is sharper but the runner is slower 7 years later
  • tree collage- follow the structure of the tree e.g.. roots, knots, how the tree changes
  • changing of environment and the person and technology every 7 years
  • recycling old ideas
  • circle is not so perfect
  • performance is in all different locations but in the same area
  • consider the work to be something on the side
  • interested in the process of how the video is made and the improvement of quality over the years
  • how landscape is ever changing
  • in later years the place had a context
  • process of watching in instillation space- you think about nature, circles, person, speed of film
  • evolving over the years
  • developing organically
  • the sound is natural/ what is found on sight, not manipulated
  • a character, clothes of the peasant
  • sense of belonging
  • how we change with age
  • juxtapose the idea of the peasant (historical) vs the technology and modernity

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