Ideas discussed from todays crit

  • Miami Art Deco
  • Memphis group
  • Line drawing human interpretation
  • Tree drawings- giving the tree agency- in charge rather than in the care of something else rather than humans- tim Knowles
  • Man using nature
  • Opposite approaches mono prints vs paintings
  • The secret life of plants-documentary
  • Photography after extinction
  • Joanna zylinska
  • What things are percieved to be and what they actually are- limited understanding of what a landscape is by humans
  • Ursula le guin – feminist sci writer
  • Rachel pimm-artist , worm work made people sit in chip foam
  • Disrupting what we consider to be natural/a landscape -rubber production
  • Chip foam
  • Edward burtinsky anthropcy
  • Ambiguity of which side of the argument he’s on- man built
  • Look more into home town history
  • Paint the Forest of Dean as a sci fi landscape
  • old dialect

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