BBC The Secret Life of Landfill- A Rubbish History

‘The secret life of landfill’ is a documentary showing Dr George McGavin and Dr Zoe Laughlin, exploring the devastating effects that landfill and pollution is having on our environment and how it is changing our landscapes. It highlights how wasteful as a society we have been. Watching this has made me consider more thoughtfully about the materials I am using when making artworks, especially as they are related to landscape.



“At the heart of my work is a desire to provide encounters with materials that strive to help us look at the world through a new lens and reveal the agency of matter”. Dr Zoe Laughlin is a designer and materials engineer, working in the sectors or art and science. Along with Mark Miodownik and Martin Conreen, she founded the Institute of making in 2010 to explore the relationship between materials and process. It is a collection of many different materials on earth that are their to inspire artists and makers, hopefully to inform and develop their practices. Laughlin makes various sculptures that she calls ‘material objects’. Within this she explores what material is and what material can be, for example plastic has the ability to be a prosthetic limb with many different processes to transform that material.


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