viva 2019 


My practice has revolved around using painting as a technique to express what I want to communicate. I have been working on a series of landscape and seascape paintings, I began with some smaller scale pieces and then moved on to lager scale pieces of fabric.

(showing week 5 exhibition photos and week 11 exhibition photos)


I want the landscapes I am painting to evoke a dream like quality. I describe them this way as they as not something we would see in real life, they are imagined, made up, yet still familiar as a ‘landscape’.

Through these works I have been experimenting with perception and how much of the painting has to be painted in to reveal an interpretable image.

The colour of the fabrics I have been using, especially the silky orange canvas, evoke a sci-fi quality thats trippy, and not something you’d find in reality. This wasn’t my original intention but the more I painted the relevant the idea of it holding a sci fi quality become. This led me to question what exists within the landscape? Are they dreams? Nightmares? Futuristic? An alternate world? Which is ultimately left up to the viewer to decide.


I have been using oil paints varying in opacity and texture, using mark making to suggest at figurative elements, shapes and scenery. At the beginning of last term when I began the series, the surface was just something readily available, however it has now become imperative to how I approach what to paint and the colours I use.


For me the found material becomes part of the image. Brightly coloured, loud fabrics are painted onto in a way to quieten the original colour and make it appear less invasive. The intention of this is to bring the painted parts of the piece forward, playing around with perspective and whats real and what isn’t, enhancing distortion and dreamlike qualities. I choose to paint the landscape I want to depict rather than present a photograph of it as painting allows me to express my interpretation of that space/place.


Last term I discovered the work of Sigmar Polke. He was suggested to me during the paintings and surfaces work shop led by Wendy back in November. In relation to my work it has inspired me to think more about the surfaces and structures to a painting when I approach it and how this becomes part of the art work.


Things that have progressed and changed over term ….

When approaching surfaces, I have been trying to use usual colours and brush strokes, and experimenting with these to see how much they disrupt or blend in with the painting. Last term was the first time I started to use oil paints instead of acrylic. This has allowed more time for drying or ability to change the piece easily over time. I also enjoy the texture and richness in colour of these paints, as well as how blend-able they are. I have experimented with a range of acrylic primers and clear ones as I don’t want to completely prime the surface in white, covering the background colour.

I am now thinking about the relationship of using synthetic fabrics and painting a landscape/ nature subject matter onto them and the connotations this has with landfill and pollution.

(comparing two images where negative space is forming the foreground/ parts of the sky/ sea, vs a landscape all painted in).


  • Colour combinations- especially week 5 pieces using complementary colours as main palette.
  • Then using this to create something “imaginary”
  • using figurative elements to draw a focus point in the paintings
  • dying fabric- unusual twist to plain fabrics
  • learning to use oil paints and becoming familiar with a new medium
  • not just thinking about the image it depicts but the other materials that are involved/ how it can be distorted and how the audience have different reactions.


Week 11- brush strokes appeared quite messy and gave the effect of the painting being behind the fabric and peering through rather than the colour in the fabric forming parts of the scene.

I tried making some alien creatures out of plaster to represent what existed within the paintings, but it all got a little bit strange and confusing so didn’t continue with it for the exhibition! However it is something that I want to continue to explore.

This term I want to move away from just painting the same thing and experiment with different subject matter. Looking forward to the upcoming term!




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