Studio > parish hall > After Dark night club .


These are the two paintings that I am exhibiting for the week 11 exhibition. They both depict part of an imaginary landscape, experimenting with perspective, realism, and perception. They are the biggest paintings that I have completed so there was ambition in scale, which I enjoyed. I wanted to specifically focus on figurative elements in the foreground, making them the focus point in the paintings. Intention was something important to think about when painting these scenes. It was important to balance the landscape and and not paint too much of it in.


This piece I was unsure of at first. The painting seemed to sink behind the fabric as if peering through. It looked like the fabric could have been ripped and painting is a separate layer underneath. That being said I was happy with the painted parts of the work. The brush strokes appear more confident even if they are messy and chaotic in style. I also want to continue using pastel to add in more scribbly, gestural marks as I think this brings more energy. I think of this piece revealing fleeting moments of what the landscape is.


I decided to exhibit this painting last minute opposite the first painting as I think it complemented it nicely. It has a much more softer painting technique, something more dream like or imagined. The elements of this landscape were painted more carefully, paying attention to technique. I did find this piece challenging. I painted the sky in first and was happy with how that had turned out so didn’t want to then over paint the landscape. As it was painted from imagination I had to be selective as to what was painted in.

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