Happy Views.


This piece is painted onto wood panel with oil paints, and primed with rabbit skin glue. The landscape is mostly imaginary, with just using a combination of reference photos for composition and shape. I wanted to play around with a broader colour palette, using vibrant pinks and oranges as a base layer to work onto. This gives a relaxed, happy atmosphere to the painting, enhanced by the softer brush strokes and blurred colour in the foreground. To add more definition I used a mixture of mark making (the straight lines for shadow on the mountains/ using the paint brush bristles to mark in grass and create texture).

I enjoyed working on wood panel as it allows for a flat, rigid surface, so is easy to control, however I think I prefer the bounce and absorbency of canvas and fabric. This piece was primed with rabbit skin glue, therefore the grain in the wood was still visible. For some pieces this may add to the interest of the painting, however in this piece I think it interferes with the painting, especially the circular wood grain shape in the middle of what is meant to resemble the sky.

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