During week five we exhibited works that we have been working on this term so far. I showed two of my paintings, one on a silky orange fabric and the second using a dark green cotton fabric, both stretched over a wooden frame. Both are done using acrylic as a base to block out certain areas, then with oil paint over the top to achieve a more blended and bold look. For these works I have focused on complementary colours to emphasise a disruption within the landscape, and to make the imagery leap forward out of the block colour background.


The first canvas I completed was the piece on orange fabric. This seascape was painted very quickly, trying to capture as much gesture as possible in the movement of the paint and brush strokes to reflect such a stormy, atmospheric landscapes.


The second on green fabric is much more drawn back in terms of technique with exception of the foreground. I have practiced painting the clouds in a more illustrative, controlled style. This gives the piece potential to be interpreted as a fantastical/fantasy land, or the back drop of a story book.

Both seem to lure a sense of mystery as to where, when, and what these places are. I like that.

I refer to them as being ‘imaginary’. Niether are painted from life or photographs, but are just painted through a flow of consciousness. I enjoy working like this as each painting seems to then reflect my thought process. I am exploring making dream-like paintings. This is why I haven’t painted in the whole of the picture. I have left quite large areas of negative space that proceed to make up the rest of the image in the viewers mind. My reason for using the block colour fabric to paint on, is so it creates this empty space situated within the landscape, but forms either foreground, part of the sky, the horizon ect. . Having a bold colour background seems to achieve this better, alongside the contrasting colours. It is an exploration of layers and perception, playing around with how see an image. I will continue to use this technique and see how far I can push painting as little into a canvas, yet it still being an interpretable image. The overall response was positive on these pieces. They generated a lot of thoughts on painting and medium, surface, sci-fi, and landscape.


When installing these canvases I wanted an open, clear space to further isolate what figurative imagery  is there and draw in the viewer to the painting. I chose to exhibit in the corridor outside of the studio two space where there are large windows all the way through the space. This allowed for plenty of natural light to flood through. When hung in the studio, the yellow/orange toned lighting coming from the over head artificial lights gave the paintings quite a dull tone due to the nature of fabrics I used, that I wasn’t keen on. Instead, in bright natural light the pieces look much more vibrant and fresh, as well as the sun reflecting off of the orange canvas nicely. This enhanced the science fiction/fanstasy/other-wordly sense that the paintings express.

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