Moody Sea-scapes

This piece began with stretching a silky textured orange fabric over a frame. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with my art practice this year but I know I want to revisit painting properly after taking a bit of a break from it last academic year. I was inspired by Clare Price’s artist talk the other day to just dive in and paint something depending on how I was feeling, using it as a mode of expression. What seems to come naturally is landscapes, so this rough sky scene was the outcome, just painted from imagination and painted very quickly.  I have always been drawn to my environment, it is something that just seems to give me peace of mind. My home town has a lot to do with this, the Forest of Dean being a constant source of inspiration.

I have deliberately not painted in the whole of the canvas. I think its interesting to see how the scene emerges out of the block colour behind the paint, even though it is such a striking orange. The use of the blue contrasting the orange seems to emphasise this more. I will see if other colours have similar effects.

I have used oils for most of this painting so used a light layer of acrylic underneath as a base. I found also that a brush of thin acrylic over oil achieves a nice effect for splashes of water as shown in the photo below.

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