Clare Price- Artist Talk

Clare Price is an artist living and working in London. She studied BA Fine Art Painting at Central St Martins from 1990–93, and MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths 2012–16. This year she has had solo exhibitions at ASC and Flowers Gallery, London and exhibited in the group exhibition ‘Women can’t paint’ at Turps Gallery.bb3ceeb7-3acd-45fb-ba90-af29d5c5864c_orig

Art comes through the body. For Price, painting is a way of living/ saying alive. Her paintings are fuelled by life experiences and emotion so could be seen as autobiographical . She explores themes of containment through the use of the canvas stretcher, as well as the studio space, thinking of it as a kind of safe space. Her pieces are very visceral in nature creating bold, powerful, gestural works. The spills of paint are contained by the geometry of the canvas and act almost like a trace of a performance as the act of making the work is very important to Price. The works are now evolving more to emphasise their relationship to the body and how they are situated alongside it. This is captured by photographs of price with the canvases. I think these photographs are very raw, being vulnerable and and openly showing fragility, a very confident thing to do.


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