Experimentation with suspending the bed sheet and placement within the studio.

After consideration and time spent changing around the appearance of the piece, I prefer when the sheet is much more contorted as if it is clinging on to the frame. However I do still want there to be a hint at a dreamy or landscape scene, so maybe only part of the sheet will end up being twisted and it lead into something more figurative?

In regards to its placement within studio, apart from a few changes I think most people are using the same space as the mock exhibition before easter, which worked well. Ed’s handmade musical instruments had a nice link of using the domestic item in a alternate way. It was also suggested the Hannah’s minimalist piece worked well next to it, because if someone were to walk through the string in Hannah’s, it led to my piece and could be interpreted as walking through a forest and at the end you were confronted with a vague image of a forest. (see end image above).


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