Mock Exhibition

img_3828I enjoyed the practice exhibition and think it was a good opportunity to just try out where I am at so far when thinking about a final piece for the summative. I am happy with the overall the sense and themes it is currently portraying although certain elements I still want to develop. For me its still looking a bit too structured and looks like I’ve placed it in a very specific way which I don’t think aids to the piece. I want it to have a bit more of its own character and movement within the folds of the fabric achieved by how it is hung. Looking at the piece front on, the clothes dryer isn’t visible but when you walk around it, it is. Im not sure yet whether I like this element of intrigue or if seeing the clothes dryer directly would enhance its connotations. It was also mentioned that depending on which door you entered the room through, the piece gave a very different perspective. The way that the clothes dryer is currently fixed to the wall still enables the two side panels to move which I think is quite an interesting element, especially when the sheet is hung as it allows that to move too. The circles I think should appear more scattered and random, maybe having a few around the room, in the window, and on the floor to make it seem more immersive and surrounding to the viewer. The way the sheet is currently hung I feel gives off quite a inviting or engulfing sense due to the cave in the middle. To move forward I want to experiment with different installation methods, to make it even more disruptive out of context, taking inspiration from Angela de la Cruz.

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