Drying out Fluid Poured Paint

This week I have been creating more of the dried paint to peel off and cut into circles to use for the mock exhibition. Below are some of the photos taken during this process. I like the psychedelic nature to some of the patterns and colours as well as the contrast of some of them looking quite organic. This works well with the ‘dream’ atmosphere I am trying to create. The only downfall to this process if the length of time it takes to dry! some took a whole week! I found through experimentation that mixing the solution of paint and water that I pour to create these patterns are better with adding PVA glue to the mixture. It does increase the drying process however when dry it makes the paint much more flexible and less likely to deteriorate over time. Without glue, some of the paint, although a beautiful texture, became very brittle and was impossible to cut into circles.

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