Practice Statement

My practice has explored methods of process art and fluid painting, considering the movement of the paint, the surface, texture and pattern when dry.

I wanted to further explore the concept of the ‘mistake’ when creating work, taking inspiration from Wolfgang Tillmans. I am intrigued by elements of control and chance. How much are we influencing outcomes and chance? I want to capture fleeting, dreams, memories of childhood that can’t be recalled in detail as a image or representation, but have a feel or sense. I want to experiment with materials, manipulating them to create these experiences.

I have started painting on everyday items that already carry information such as fitted bed sheets. This led me know look at the work of Angela de la Cruz with her disrupted canvases.

“Convention punctured, her works seem to mimic aspects of human behaviour or states of mind – cowering, cringing, surviving – and, more recently, this sense of human scale has been bolstered by works incorporating items of domestic furniture, such as chairs and tables. Prostrate on the floor or hanging on the wall like macabre trophies, they are evidence of a violent process and, as such, confront it as something thrilling, fearsome and, whether soiled or slick, just beneath the surface.”

I’m interested in how the mundane domestic items become disrupted, disturbed through the intervention of the paint surface. I also started to explore the paint as pure surface as the acrylic paint dried and I could peel it off. The peeled acrylic sheet hung like a shed skin, I looked at Tina Jenkins work and am fascinated by the dried paint as an object in itself, essentially it becomes a painting but with the boundaries of the canvas removed.

Using domestic objects combined with the dripped painted surfaces has started to bring a more personal and almost confessional sense to my work that I want to explore further. I have looked at the work of Jessica Stockholder and think the appearance of paint skin surfaces with materials such as bedsheets, towels, clothes, furniture etc start to create a friction that explores dreamlike, surreal disjointed experiences. These works have led me to consider a set of drawings made by my mum, which were mostly done as a type of therapy when she was unwell. Mental health issues are still very much considered taboo, with a lot of stigma attached. I want to examine the disruption of the everyday, the sense of home, a sense of ones self, when disturbed through mental illness, states of mind, fragmented memories, nightmares and how these events ripple out touching all family members. I will continue to experiment through materiality and chance dripping of paint the dried surface/skin, preserved and captured on/with domestic items etc.


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