Illustrative or not?

The original idea for the larger painting in the photos below was to paint in acrylics a forest landscape, although when looking through progress photos, the first picture to me seems more successful.  It seems to give off a sense of ghostliness, as well as a day dreamy vibe because of the colours. I’m not sure if it looks like the start of a landscape painting or not but it comes across as if its starting to become something, but just can’t quite see what it is yet. I also like the subtle ripple in the bed sheet across the painting, it reminds the viewer of what they are looking at because it is still essentially just a bed sheet and not a canvas.

The smaller blue and purple piece below was an experiment of bleeding felt tip pens into fabric. I think the delicate hues of colour work well, again giving a ghostly vibe and hinting at something that isn’t fully there.



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