Where I am at so far…


  • Dreams/ nightmares
  • Mental health/ art therapy
  • Childhood memories
  • Home town/ sense of place


Artist inspiration-

Tracy emin, angela de la cruz, kabavovs



working on bed sheets as a ‘canvas’, acrylic paint, dried, peeled paint, pastel, and mixed media. With where I am at, at the moment I think the bed sheets work well because of the connotations with dreams, however I am wanting to try different household/ everyday items to see how this would work alongside the painting.

For a while I have been wanting to make work that is more personal and almost confessional, but wasn’t quite sure how to express that into something physical in the form of art. I loved exploring methods of process art and fluid painting last term although it got to a point where it felt like the work was lacking something for me. I wanted to move forward and try something new and just develop specific elements from previous work that would enhance future pieces.

Although I wanted to move away from the fluid painting I did last term, I am still wanting to involve aspects of it as a material to combine with painting. (Using it as a texture and to create pattern). I also think the appearance of them can sometimes look quite dreamy, disjointed, ect …. so is an element that I want to explore within the new context I am currently working on.

Mental health is an area very important to me and is always something I come back to when thinking about artwork. My mums drawings were mostly done as a type of therapy when unwell, and though I won’t go into detail about that, they definitely represent her emotions at that time, which is what I want to explore further within my own work. These topics are still very much considered taboo to some people with a lot of stigma attached, despite the movement forward it has taken. Awareness of mental health issues has improved, for example, World Mental Health Day (10th of October).

Another strong inspiration for me is nature and my home town. Therefore, an aspect I want to study is how a sense of place can become very important. This connects with the themes in my dreams and childhood memories for obvious reasons as its where I grew up and have spent a lot of time.

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