Jessica Stockholder

Sam Ran Over Sand or Sand Ran Over SamJessica Stockholder is a sculpture and installation artist. She uses a combination of seemingly everyday and domestic objects to take over the gallery space.

“In all of the work I place something I make in relationship to what’s already there. With installations it’s the building, the architecture, or you might say it’s the place that I work on top of; with the smaller pieces I work on top of or in relation to stuff that I collect.” Jessica Stockholder.

I like how her installations seem to intrude the space, but at the same time creates a very harmonious vibe and aesthetically pleasing installation.  I also really resonate with the idea of using something that might otherwise be thrown away. She takes an everyday object, that if we were to see it in its normal context we would probably ignore and not think anything of it, but stockholder makes us notice them by using a array of vibrant colours against a white wall.

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