Making Instinctive Work from Childhood Memories.


img_3385img_3378As a child I remember my mum drawing patterns on A4 pieces of paper in pastel. She would take a darker colour and draw a continuous curling line without without the pen leaving the paper. She would then colour in the segments to create a unique pattern. When I was younger I remember these drawings being around the house as well as drawing them with her. I don’t know why but it has always been something that has stayed in my mind so have decided to explore that further. Childhood memories are an odd thing as what we remember isn’t always accurate and we probably interpret it differently to how the adults around us would.

(edited on 19th April 2018)…..

…..Looking back on this work, I feel as if it was very relevant in my progress so far this term. To me however this could be taken a lot further as a project on its own, so next term this is something I am likely to revisit. I still want to find out the original drawings of my mums that I remember from childhood, so once I have those will experiment further with this concept. Another interesting development could be a mother- daughter work, recreating some of the drawings.

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