Holly Pester- Artist Talks

Holly Pester is a poet, writer an researcher. Her work mainly exists through performance and audio work, based off of algorithms and everyday speech and humour.

“On one hand I see my work as tragically British — born out of British surreal comedy and performance, artful failure, nonsense rhyme, and folk verse. On the other hand the formal aspects of my work and my approach to poetic practice are an utter tribute to North American influences.”

Notes taken during talk-

  • It’s clear that the relationships between things she’s drawn on/chosen words or topics and how she interacts with them plays an important role in the formation of her poetry.
  • Unfixed order between idea and material- a selection process to create work
  • Hannah Weiner- poet inspiration – turning a bodily state into into a composition/work- eg. her hallucinations from schizophrenia
  • hypnological/ dream states
  • common rest sound track- Pesters poetry album made in 2016.

Common Rest, released by Test Centre in December 2016, is a multimedia collaborative work consisting of a 10-inch vinyl album with an accompanying book of poems by Holly Pester.

‘While a lullaby sounds out the material labour of care, makes its flesh and breath felt, it also sounds out the radical obscuring of work. Therefore a lullaby might be a chorus for all bodies, affectively performing a different worksong, a kind of common rest.’

Holly Pester



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