Artist Statement Autumn Assessment 2017

The final installed piece involves multiple photographs transferred onto separate sheets of plywood. The subject of the photos involve a variety of my different processes. I began with wanting to experiment with materials, manipulating them to create different effects. I realised that although I liked having a final product, what I was enjoying the most was seeing how different mediums would behave. I began documenting the process by taking photos so decided I would exhibit these as a way to show the ‘art’ instead of the end product as felt like this best represented the specific moments that I wanted to show. When thinking about how to display the photos something seemed to be missing when just showing them printed. I decided to experiment with quite coarse surfaces, leading me on to transfer them onto plywood. The photos were all taken using my phone. They were taken quickly as my main focus in that moment is what’s happening in front of me, not the photography.

I am fascinated by the endless combinations of vibrancy in colour, earthy tones, pattern and flowing movement that can be assembled in some way to make something beautiful and communicate a gesture. In relation to this I also wanted to further explore the concept of the ‘mistake’  when creating work, taking inspiration from Wolfgang Tillmans. I am intrigued by elements of control. How much are we influencing the outcome and how can we really guarantee chance? I wanted to capture fleeting moments. These moments that the photographs represent don’t all exist as it never remains like that or dries in the same way. I think thats what is so unique about the photos, they are specific to that moment, action and materials, truly representing a gesture that could not be replicated. This can be said with all photography as its essentially the ability to capture a unique moment. Although many of the photos are of paint, an undeniably synthetic material, personally I feel like they appear quite organic and mimic aspects of nature. In terms of reasoning behind the materials I chose to use, the use of a mobile phone to take the photos emphasises the quick, in the moment feel to it. I chose to transfer onto wood as I thought the already existing pattern in the grain of the wood would be an interesting juxtaposition to the uncontrollable patterns in the photos, (another way of exploring control as the patterns of the wood are already existing and would have to work around them). Reusing packaging has been a common theme because I believe art can be made from anything. It’s nice to just stop and see the beauty in something that we wouldn’t normally see.

For this piece I took inspiration from Wolfgang Tillmans. Following on from the summer project I wanted to continue exploring the idea of the ‘mistake’ being the art work. Another main inspiration was Lynda Benglis with her poured latex and wax paintings. I found it useful to research this artist as it gave me more understanding when trying to work out what was important to me when making my own work. Along side these I found it useful to explore the works “Powers of Ten” by Eames and “The way things go” by Fischli and Weiss.



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