Photo Transferring

As an alternative to printing and framing photos I thought another way of presenting them, as well as a further development, would be to transfer the photos onto wood. To do this I printed the photo onto ordinary a4 paper and placed it onto a thin piece of plywood coated in a layer of gloss medium. Leave this to dry overnight and then remove the paper with water, and the ink from the paper transfers to the wood.

The way the grain in the wood comes through the images is almost like a ghost layer- its faint under lighter areas of the photograph and I can imagine it would contrast the pattern in the image that is most prominently visible depending on what photograph was used.

I also like this technique for its imperfections. When removing the paper, small parts of the ink come away as well, leaving almost scratch like marks and chips. This further plays on the concept of the ‘mistake’ in artwork/ being the art work, which I’ve repeatedly come back to when making fluid paintings and is something I am still exploring.


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