I am still unsure of aspects of installation and presentation so decided to try out a few different options…

  1. structured- All frames the same size and colour, hung side by side in a similar presentation to my summer project. I do favour the simplicity of this layout and think it will look very neat. It also draws on a strong juxtaposition between why display is so rigid and the nature of the content of the work, which is much more fluid and experimental.
  2. mis-match!- another idea was to have lots of different frames, some patterned maybe, some I would paint different block colours and then arrange them so they look ‘unorganised’. To start I thought I would pick up a few different frames second hand to experiment with. (And I must say I’m quite liking the blue patterned frame).
  3. Do I even frame them? Hang them on the wall? Who knows?????? 

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