Collecting Ideas

After lots of experiments I am now debating what best represents how I currently feel about the work I have made and what to show for the formative assessment. Everything at the moment is still an in-progress exploration and I am enjoying the process of trying new ideas. Some of the potential propositions for exhibition so far……..

  • performance- As I discussed that what I found most interesting was the making of the art, I would show just that.
  • Video- when fluid pouring, melting plastics, ect. I’ll often record the process as watching the transformation is quite fascinating.
  • the final product- a transformation of space/ assembling in some way to create an installation.
  • Photographs and documentation of the process
  • an installation of large scale fluid pour, still wet, experimenting with the idea of a surface (Richard Wilson)

I am currently most inclined to exhibit the photographs as personally I believe that they best communicate my main intention. I don’t think the performance will quite work as although you would be seeing my methods, what I’m most interested in is showing you what I find beautiful about certain aspects and moments, therefore a photo can pin point that exactly. This goes the same for the video and the large scale installation. In the final product, there are traces of gesture and my methods of making, but if process is my main focus then why not show that?

All of these ideas are something I will continue to work on despite what choose for the final piece. I still can’t say I’m 100% sure on what to exhibit, I’m just too indecisive!

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