Artist Presentation- Lido Rico and Gauri Gill

Eleanor, Rachael, lily and myself created a presentation on the artists Gauri Gill and Lido Rico by researching facts of the artists and descriptions of certain artworks to match together. These were the descriptions of a selection of Gauri Gills works that I had researched……

Balika Mela (2003/2010)

In 2003 the non profit organization Urmul Setu Sansthan organised a Balika Mela – or fair for girls, in Lunkaransar town, attended by almost fifteen hundred adolescent girls from seventy surrounding villages.

“Some of those who posed for the pictures went on to learn photography in the workshops that we started in May of that year, and two years later they photographed the fair themselves.”

Fields of Sight (2013 – ongoing)

Gill perceived that although the camera was capturing the distinct landscape, it was missing vital aspects of what was not apparent to the eye.

The Mark on the Wall (1999 – ongoing)

The Mark on the Wall is a set of photographs in which Gill documents drawings made by local artists, children and teachers in government schools in Rajasthan under the now lapsed Leher Kaksha scheme, initiated by the state to help children learn visually from the walls in their classrooms.

Traces (1999 – ongoing)

Traces, is a series memorialising unmarked and marked graves in the desert, and the most recent subset of images articulated from Gills archive of images, Notes from the Desert. The handmade graves belong to people with relatively few economic resources—peasants, nomads and other inhabitants of remote villages in Western Rajasthan.

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