Deirdre O’Mahony- Artist Talk


These are my notes from Deirdre O’Mahonys talk today…. It was nice to hear how someone has such a passion for a particular subject and genuinely cares how her art practice can communicate a message and aid people within the community.

  • An Irish identity and heritage influenced thoughts when going to art school in London. This shaped her practice.
  • A sense of place is important. – aesthetic qualities
  • attachments to place, to landscape
  • Didn’t want to paint landscapes.
  • Land art
  • complex issues around the cull of feral goats
  • process of open research was important particulary in a place that was important to her
  • strong sense of community, rural life, telling untold stories
  • anthropological studies , x-po- bring togther the community- providing a meeting space
  • networks and connections – diaspora of food – food distribution
  • rethink the vale and process of making
  • land art out of potato ridges
  • various SPUD projects around the world- film, animation, land art, community projects, painting
  • food production in rural areas compared to urban areas.
  • perishable pic Nic- growth of strawberries
  • film installation at the MERL
  • finding a balance between subduction and activism
  • future work working towards- how do you sustain small farm workers who aren’t able to work sustainably







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