Immersive Experience project

For our first project we have been commissioned by MERL(The Museum of English Rural Life) to create an immersive experience with the theme of a dinner party setting. This takes inspiration from Judy Chicagos piece ‘The Dinner Party’ 1979. For this we are to create two place settings within our group.

so far our two place setting concepts are…

(Considering the exhibition is to be held at MERL, we have focused our concepts on agriculture and rural life, hoping to comment on displays in the museum.)

  • What about the water!- Agriculture uses a lot of water as well as contaminating nearby water sources because of use of pesticides and other chemicals. To communicate this message we want to create a ‘slime’ like material to represent cartoon water. One would be ‘clean’ water and the other we would make to look contaminated. This can be experimented with by adding different colourants and particles that could leave a residue on the viewers hands when touched. The idea is that with human interaction the ‘slime’ water appears more and more contaminated. The bowl would be made to look like a splash of water. At the moment we are thinking out of either melted plastics, waste materials or heated tyvek which would also represent polluted water.


  • Save the Bees!- For the second plate we wanted to create a structure that resembled honeycomb to emphasise the importance of bee pollination within agriculture. Whilst exploring MERL we found that wicker and weaving were very much relevant features of the museum. We therefore thought we could incorporate wicker as our primary material for the structure as well as using traditional heritage craft techniques.

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