Summer Project- Happy little accidents!


I was intrigued in the concept of the ‘mistake’ being the key component in the artwork. In Tillmans case, the things that would be considered ‘accidents’ in his photography,  that happened during the process in the darkroom.

I chose painting as my medium, and instead of trying to be precise and realistic in my methods, I would experiment with the acrylics, and in a way let the paint create the artwork itself. I think having this restraint was useful as it made me think of the elements I did have control over, for example, colour palettes and arrangement. I decided I wanted quite natural, earthly tones as as I believe this complimented the style of pattern the fluid painting method was creating, (resembled photos of earth/ planets). The arrangement was mainly informed by how well the hot and cold colours would sit next to each other, as well as how some patterns seemed to flow into others.

There was definitely an emphasis on the process of making rather than the final product.


I created 24 small canvases using a method called fluid painting. I used only acrylic paints, watered down and mixed with a small amount of dish soap. I filled a small plastic cup with the amounts of each colour I wanted, then poured it out onto the canvas, making sure all sides were covered.

They took about a day to dry depending on the thickness of paint. Afterwards I decided to varnish them as this brightened the patterns and colours, giving an overall better finish.

Reflection, Group response and Feedback-

  • NEVER EVER EVER USE BLUE TAC IT DOESN’T WORK- For installation velcro would be a better alternative, it may actually hold the canvases to the wall!!!
  • overall, I am happy with the look of the pieces. The colour and pattern draw you in and they full fill my concept.
  • More experimentation with display- during feedback it was suggested that the current square layout contrasts the fluidity and nature of the canvases.
  • Many people perceived them as aerial shots
  • Are one off, unique pieces that couldn’t be exactly reproduced
  • The majority guess of the artist that I took inspiration from was Wolfgang Tillmans





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