The text I received…

(Do not use the colour black.)

Lately it has been hard to reach me. I wonder why…

Once again it has allured me into its dark pulsing heart. I am too familiar with this place. Im running through this forest. My forest of thoughts. I can feel it. It’s alive.

It is raining heavily, I can hear the roar of thunder.It is booming everywhere, just like my thoughts. This forest is transforming into a wooden labyrinth from which I cannot escape. I suddenly realise… they are following me. My thoughts are always following me. Why am I so

S c a r e d ?  i hate this feeling. This feeling of suffocation. Do you ever feel suffocated by your own thoughts? My legs start to hurt from the constant running. But I need to continue. I know that they are  chasing me but I can’t see them, it is pitch black. I am unable to see anything except the trees I hate living in this illusion.

Change of plans, I need to go away as fast as possible. I hope they will leave me alone. I don’t want anyone to help me, I’ll be fine. Even if I say that I wanted you to help me. But as expected you didn’t. Why?  I start crying,

panicking, for some reason I think this might be the end of me. How could my childhood paradise become my worst nightmare? I used to play here with her, but she is no longer anywhere to be found- How time flies… We used to do everything together. Those were the best years of my life. We were best friends. But how could I forget? She was the one who left. In the end everyone leaves. Suddenly I realise I’m








and then I realise the end is finally here.

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