Imaginary artwork writing piece…


The illusion of a sea of violet is created by a vast bed of bluebells. It’s spring time! You are among a charming woodland filled with twisting pathways, rich with towering trees (although not intimidating), and clusters of foliage, which only allow thin beams of sun light to pierce through the canopies, creating glistening reflections on nearby steams.

Your colour palette should mainly exaggerate the purple and green tones that result in an overall soft finish.

The atmosphere is quiet but not haunting- the painting should be a piece that captures the Forest of Deans rich heritage. It’s historically a traditional mining town, relatively isolated, with a strong sense of community. It should evoke feelings of nostalgia as the sight of the bluebells among ‘foresters’ is very well known. A peaceful and homely image, representing either a traditional or contemporary painting, but with your own interpretation- this could be the style of the painting, added textile, a texture, or anything else you want to incorporate!

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